Important posts

NewPipe 0.18.5 released: Hotfix for an upcoming issue

NewPipe 0.18.2 released: Hotfix for the YouTube Extractor

NewPipe 0.18.0 released, adding PeerTube support

NewPipe release retrospection: 0.17.1 - 0.17.4

We lost donations through a Bitcoin scam

NewPipe 0.16.2 released, improving comments UI

State of the Pipe 2019

NewPipe welcomes new partner

NewPipe 0.15.1 released, adding update notifications

NewPipe 0.14.1 released, fixing critical YouTube bug

FAQ now available

NewPipe in Google Play Store

Atom and RSS feeds available

Team NewPipe needs your feedback

NewPip Beta now available

NewPipe Talk video from 34C3 online

NewPipe talk during FSFE Assembly on 34C3

Team NewPipe start blog