Import / Export & Download

Audio missing for certain downloads

YouTube delivers the video and audio in different streams. That has no effect on playing the videos because NewPipe's embedded player (ExoPlayer) merges both streams while playing a video.

In contrast, our download library does not have the ability to merge both streams. This process would therefore require another extra library. Due to the size of the app, we have refrained from working on a concrete solution. Nevertheless, the entire download process must be refactored. It is therefore possible that a good solution to this problem will emerge.

Download MP3 Files

MP3 downloads for audio files is highly requested, but bring some difficulties for our developers.

First, and most importantly, YouTube does not provide MP3 files which could be directly downloaded. Therefore the only thing we could do on NewPipe's side is to convert/transcode M4A or WebM streams.
The reason why this features has not been implemented yet, is quite simple:
This process requires an external library like FFmpeg which would significantly increase NewPipe's size.

Nevertheless our team is working on a solution to make this features as soon as possible available to you. The plan is to move the conversion to an external and thus optional app called Video Transcoder which you can download from F-Droid too.

Help and contributions are always welcome. If you want to take a look at this issue, please read this page on GitHub.

Download to SD card fails

We are aware of a bug that causes a crash when downloading a stream to an external SD card. We are sorry for this inconvenience and trying our best to fix this issue.

Due to an outdated library (Gigaget) we are planing to refactor the whole download handling. This might take a while. We've raised a bounty for implementing certain aspects of the new mechanism. You can take a look at the corresponding ticket on GitHub.